Leicester Review

Chris is smart, dedicated to learning his craft, and has a long professional background in construction. If you want to find a house, he has the kind of knowledge you hope your Home Inspector will have, and can (and conscientiously will) steer you away from otherwise great looking homes that have problems he can practically smell from a distance. He will NEVER, EVER let you buy a house that won’t make you happy, because he truly cares that you get what you need and want. And if you’re sick of leaving messages and sending emails to agents that take forever to reply back, then you want Chris – he not only responds in a ridiculously timely manner, he even contacts YOU before you know you have a question. He is on top of everything at all times. Chris is smart, responsive, honest to the bone, and will work like a dog to get you what you’re looking for. I do (and have) recommended him highly. I’m so glad it was Chris who guided me on my journey to home ownership!

— Susan L.